5/7/2021 i know there'll be a day very soon where i'm going to feel alive, i can feel it, it's near, you're gonna change my life, im at a point in life where i finally feel like im gonna thrive. i havent felt like this in years.

4/29/21 i hung out w cayden today, i made him into salad xD but i rlly like him lots, i think we're dating now, idk, im not sure if we're official yet, he makes me happy, i can't wait to hang out w him again. i also almost set the house on fire today xD it was interesting, anyways, things are getting better for me, i just dropped a LOT of weight tho

4/13/2021 it's been a while, i have new friends, im also starting to express myself more, now that im 17, soon enough i get to blow all my money on tattoos and piercings, talking about tattoos, i got a letter from NCAD, i really wanna study art there, i wanna be such a good tattoo artist, more updates coming soon :)

3/8/2021 I hate this school, the teachers are bitches, the students are bitches i wanna hurt sooo many people, i can only tolerate like 2 of these people, everyone else is stupid

3/7/2021 it's been a while, im sorry, i haven't been doing well for like the past 3 weeks i give up, there's no hope for me, nothing is getting better, i don't think anything will ever be the way it used to be, i give up on happiness, i don't save money so how tf will i ever be happy again. :(

my dad makes me wanna staple my fingers together i stg

4th of July Bullshit

our president is a fucking joke, the police system is a joke, this country is a joke

fuck this 4th of july bullshit

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