Digital Entries


today's been ok, but i relapsed yesterday :(, it's fine, taking a step back every once in a while is normal in recovery, as long as i'm making progress, you know?

quote of the day:“I guess my biggest problem is that I find it easier to relapse than to carry through.”― S.A. Tawks, Mule


water spilled out of my snails tank today, i need to buy them a new filter cart. mom=mad


UGGGGGGHHHH! I HATE my dad so much, he irritates me like a motherfucker and my mom is so fucking annoying I want to break something or hurt someone,

i feel like all my wrath is piling up and one day i'll fucking snap and shits gonnna happen, people will be hurt, energy will be released and then i'll be calm,

then i could die peacfully

quote of the day:“She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance.”― Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows


WRATH, pain, sadness, fatigue, lonliness, and irritated, that's what i feel rn, i want to run away, or kill myself, or maybe hurt the ones who have

hurt me. I feel like a waste, a waste of life, time, and resources. i need to do something, i dont want to feel all of this anymore, it's too much.

I am DRAINED, I don't want to do my homework or clean, i want to spent time with the only person i don't want to hurt, the only person i love, the only

person i can see myself spending my life with happily. :)

Quotes of the day:

"I may never let go of my wrath, my anger, but I will always have the last laugh."― Corey Taylor

"Hate is the wrath of the weak."― Alphonse Daudet


I'm doing better now, Spring break starts in 4 hours, but it sucks that i can't do anything bc of the stupid fucking quarentine.

Quote of the day:"We're living tragedies, just passing time 'til our funerals." — Robyn Schneider


2:07AM : i'm not good


i am shit


will i make a difference, does it matter if i live, honestly i don't think so, i don't feel like im living, i mean i know i'm alive but

it's all the same, i don't think it'll ever change, i don't think anything is real or is really happening, at the end no one will remember me

i'm as insignificant as everyone else, i'm not special, i don't understand anything i guess. do i even make sense?

it's never enough


my mom hates me // i want to run away // mom said she not my mom // i'm done


piece of shit calls me abusive, i'm not the abusive one cunt

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